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27 Nov 2018

The Electric Vehicle Road Trip “EVRT Middle East 2019” begins at World Future Energy Summit

Electric vehicles are undoubtedly going to change the face of modern mobility and we are currently in an exciting phase where the capabilities and limits of EVs are being comprehensively tested and steadily stretched. The change from hydrocarbon to electrically-powered vehicles is at the heart of the future of large-scale transportation and mobility services, as their environmental and growing economic benefits continue to spur on greater levels of private ownership as well as their rising popularity in ride-sharing platforms across the world.

In a recent Ipsos survey carried out earlier this year of 105,000 car owners and 10,000 non-car owners ranging from nine different countries in four continents, over 50% of the respondents said they predict that instead shared mobility services will be a preferred alternative to car ownership in the near future. As this and other studies continue to show, EVs have a big part to play in this transportation future, since 28% of ride-sharers actively prefer to use electric vehicles while 7% of car owners already intend to purchase an EV of their own despite the lingering (yet falling) disparity of costs between electric and ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles.

Studies like these show that EVs are starting to penetrate the consciousness of the motorist mass market and consumers are generally ready for them to play a greater role in our daily journeys. As such, it’s essential that EVs continue to be pushed, trialled and tested so that their operational capabilities are developed in time to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for better urban transport solutions.

Enter the EVRT Middle East 2019

Middle East Map

We are constantly looking for ways to make World Future Energy Summit the leading hub of cleantech adoption, innovation and collaboration, which is why we are very excited to be partnering with Global EVRT for the launch of the EVRT Middle East 2019. World Future Energy Summit 2019 is already shaping up to be a landmark year and on 17th January the Mobility Forum part of the event will play host to the beginning of this new journey for EVs. Setting out from the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre on the final day of the event, participants will put their electric cars through their paces in eight days of adventure, road testing and endurance driving across some of the most sumptuously scenic routes that the Middle East has to offer.

From Abu Dhabi, the EVRT drivers will make their way across Oman, through Muscat and down to the Wadi Shab, the Jewel of Oman, before taking the coastal route back up to Fujairah and finishing up in Dubai where the adventure will culminate in a lap of honour for the Grand Finale. Not only will this be a chance to test and showcase the capabilities of electric vehicles in real-life, semi-competitive conditions, the event is designed to provide invaluable feedback for EV producers into the mindset of consumers – their needs and preferences when it comes to choosing, buying and operating an EV – and ultimately help accelerate the large-scale adoption of electric vehicles.

While it’s still possible to join the EVRT Middle East 2019, the 8-day driving and cultural experience will also end with an e-festival in Dubai on 23-24 January, so that those who couldn’t make it in person can experience the highlights of the road trials and take part in the future of EV adoption.

Exploring our shared future of mobility at World Future Energy Summit Mobility Forum

The launch of the EVRT Middle East 2019 will mark the mid-point in the programme of the World Future Energy Summit Mobility Forum, which aims to bring together mobility leaders from around the world to reimagine the very nature of transportation. This section of the summit is dedicated to bringing together infrastructural developers, engineers, mobility product designers, business heads, climate and energy ministers, smart city planners and more, to join in peer-to-peer roundtable discussions on how best to overcome the critical challenges of our world’s transport needs for today as well as tomorrow. Going beyond the theory, innovators will showcase next generation mobility technologies while disruptors will demonstrate their plans to integrate radically new ways of thinking about sustainable transport.

EVs are preparing to make a much more widespread impact on our global mobility future, and the Middle East is preparing to be at the forefront of that future through the support of this and other world-changing technological advancements.

Register here to attend the World Future Energy Summit Mobility Forum. 

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