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A consortium of thought, the Conference progrmamme at the World Future Energy Summit is an inclusive aggregator of open dialogue and experiences. Representing a high density gathering of the foremost minds in the industry; we are proud to be a world leading platform providing insights on how best to navigate our combined  goals on sustainability and renewable energy based on technology, changing policies and evolving economics.

3 Days. 5 Conferences. 3 Forums.

Our sector conferences provide unparalleled opportunities for visitors, delegates and exhibitors to discover the latest developments impacting the clean energy, solar, water, waste, smart cities, climate and environment sectors.

Solar & Clean Energy

This conference is dedicated to the developments, strategies, innovations and transitions taking place across the entire solar sector.

It will discuss the steps being put in place by energy leaders and provide tangible insights into how these are being implemented and measured.


  • Investment in energy transition
  • Grid requirements for energy transition
  • Routes to meeting net zero ambitions
  • Long duration energy storage
  • System performance
  • Green hydrogen and future hydrogen markets 
  • Data transparency 


A vital platform for discourse to collectively improve global waste management within the circular economy. 

The conference will explore how companies can introduce circularity to their operations, minimization strategies for waste, the role of technology to provide greater insights into waste management and ways to gain commercial value from waste.


  • Benefits from circular economy approaches  
  • WasteTech and Apps in waste management provision
  • Digitalisation within the energy sector 
  • Waste-to-Energy 
  • Treating waste as a resource
  • Minimising food waste


Water demand is projected to grow 55% by 2050. As the world population continues to expand, it has never been more critical to produce more with less. This vital conference addresses these and other important questions facing our planet today by providing a framework to discuss, present and debate policies and innovations that will advance water sustainability, energy and resilience for future generations.


  • Water and network security 
  • Socio-economic strength through water resilience 
  • Low-carbon desalination 
  • Digitalisation of asset management
  • Water demands of green hydrogen 
  • Water-food nexus and use of AgTech 
  • Water reuse 
  • Atmospheric water extraction
  • Can the water industry reach net zero and if so, how? 

Smart Cities

How can urban environments optimise city functions, use data and technology to create efficiency, improve economic attractiveness and enhance the lives of those who live in it? It will look at how digital technologies, mobility and net zero targets will reshape our future interactions with both urban environments and buildings. The conference interrogates the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of smart cities and the challenges faced in creating connected, livable and sustainable surroundings that meet the needs of its inhabitants- while simultaneously creating the least environmental disruption.


  • Socio-economic need for smart cities 
  • Attracting investment 
  • Low-carbon buildings 
  • Future transport in a low carbon era 
  • How retrofits can support net-zero ambitions
  • Digitalisation of cities
  • The metaverse

Climate & Environment

A resilient carbon neutral future is non-negotiable for the future of our planet and all the lives it supports. How do companies and societies bridge the gap between ambition and tangible action?

This conference offers an exclusive agenda to share and gain critical insights into the latest developments, analytics and practical steps that can collectively propel us towards achieving decarbonisation mandates.


  • The importance of climate-linked finance 
  • Building a decarbonisation strategy 
  • The role of digitalisation and technologies in decarbonisation
  • Low carbon commitments by international 
  • and local companies 
  • Youth expectations around a low carbon future

Pathway to 1.5C

In 2023, global warming exceeded 1.5C for the first time over a 12-month period. It was a clear reminder that action is required now if 2050 net zero targets are to be met. The UAE government announced Troika: Mission 1.5 for the most recent and future two COP meetings in Azerbaijan and Brazil. Our opening day forum will look at how the world, by working together can meet the 1.5C pathway, whilst ensuring it is equitable and just for all nations. It will investigate the policies that must be in place, the actions required by citizens, big businesses and countries alike across a range of industry sectors. The high-level focus will offer routes to a 1.5C pathway and provide the foundation for discussions that happen elsewhere in the World Future Energy Summit.

Green Finance Forum

For an effective and just transition, finance systems have to meet the demands of the global south as well as more developed nations. The Green Finance Forum will investigate and discuss the types of finance that will be available as nations decarbonise, how the flow of capital can be improved for all and how to make it more affordable. The forum will look at the financial vehicles available to countries, companies and entrepreneurs, and showcase examples what can be achieved when the there is a good marriage between good quality financing, innovation and driven entrepreneurs.

eMobility Forum

New transport and mobility will change the face of future cities. New transport – be that private or public – presents the opportunity for radically different future urban design. The eMobility forum will gather experts to showcase and discuss the policy and infrastructure requirements, how to release bottlenecks and the liability and ethical considerations that must be considered that results in a balance between innovation and efficient, affordable transport systems.

Energy Transition Conference: Charting a Sustainable Future

This conference tackles the complexities of transitioning to a clean energy future, featuring lively panel discussions to shed light on the challenges and opportunities ahead. Alongside these discussions, the conference will explore technological advancements in renewables, sustainable infrastructure development, financing models, policy and regulatory frameworks, and the role of industry and society in driving this transformation.

Key Panel Discussions

  • The Reality of the Transition: Experts debate the feasibility of a rapid shift to renewables versus a gradual approach, challenging idealistic ambitions and dissecting the practicality of current solutions.
  • Innovations in Solar Energy: This panel explores how solar power drives the development of smart cities, emphasizing its role in energy efficiency, carbon reduction, and resilient urban infrastructure.
  • The Hydrogen Effect: Experts discuss the potential for the Gulf region to lead the hydrogen revolution. The panel will address how to scale investment, infrastructure, and regulations quickly to achieve COP28 clean energy goals.

This conference promises to foster dialogue and collaborations that will chart a realistic and sustainable path forward.


Excellent gathering of major industry leaders and organisations where the best of innovations were showcased. Looking forward to attending future summits.


World Future Energy Summit has given us a lot of experience and exposure to connect with all the participants, developers and also bankers … Organising this kind of program is absolutely perfect …

Pradeep Kumar Das, Chairman and Managing Director, IREDA

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