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Expert Exhibiting

Getting you the most out of your time at the World Future Energy Summit is the key to a successful event. With decades of experience putting together some of the world’s leading shows, we’re happy to share some tips for exhibiting. Whether it’s your first time at the summit or whether you’re a seasoned exhibitor, these pointers will ensure your participation runs smoothly and your time is well spent.

Sectors at the Summit

Top Tips to Make your Stand Outstanding

Does Your Stand, Stand Out?

Our official stand contractors will offer you an exclusive and budget-friendly booth design and construction solution, eliminating the need for pricey stand designers and builders. Contact us today to explore further details.

Update your exhibitor profile

Ensure your exhibitor profile is up to date so that potential buyers and visitors can locate you and get the latest information about your brand.

Innovation Trail

Make the most of our innovation trail, which puts a spotlight on the latest technologies, products, and services on display at the World Future Energy Summit. Submit at least one product or technology which is a game-changing innovation or a first of its kind on the market. Not only do we promote emerging technologies, but they are also often sought out by key decision makers and buyers attending the event.

Build Networks using Sustainability Business Connect

Leverage our SBC programme to proactively search for and connect with potential buyers before the event, facilitate meetings during the show, and secure business onsite. Click the link below to access the platform immediately.

Effortlessly Capture New Leads

Collect leads by swiping a badge with our user-friendly lead capture app. Prior to using the app, you can customise it to include specific questions or forms. Alternatively, you can simply record conversation details in free text and even evaluate the quality of leads coming in.

Digital Registration

To ensure your entry to the event, it's essential to register all members of your team in advance. Once registered, these badges need to be printed at home, while lanyards and badge holders will be provided upon arrival at the venue. To begin the registration process, please log on to the Exhibitor hub.

Book Meetings in Advance

Easily invite potential clients to meet with you at your booth by utilising the 'My Invitations' feature found within the Exhibitor portal. This is a convenient and efficient way to maximise your time and build a sales pipeline right from your stand.

Connect with Buyers

Every edition, we organise an exclusive networking event, providing exhibitors with the chance to interact with 200 prominent buyers from across the globe. This presents a valuable opportunity to establish significant connections and gain early access to potential contracts and business deals. Participation in this event is open to all exhibitors on a first-come, first-served basis.


With hundreds of prominent speakers and leading industry influencers, take the time to schedule the sessions you want to attend, ensuring they don’t overlap with any pre-arranged meetings. Our conferences play host to some of the biggest names in renewable energy and sustainability, all bring a wealth of knowledge and first hand insights.

Stay Connected

Make the most of our social apps to let your network know you’ll be at the World Future Energy Summit. Whether your enticing new leads and business opportunities or looking to reach out to industry peers, our social tools are a great way to grow your network or reconnect with colleagues. These can even be personalised with specific details of your stand and location.

Become An Exhibitor

Get in touch with our team to help you bring your brand to the Summit.

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Discover everything you need to know about our exhibition options.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you require assistance

The World Future Energy Summit team is here to help. We want every year to be a success and we go out of our way to ensure we can make your experience as seamless and as productive as possible.