Future Energy Insights

EPISODE 3: Financing the green hydrogen revolution

According to the International Energy Agency, to help reach net zero emissions globally by 2050, the clean hydrogen market needs $1.2 trillion of investment this decade – a goal we are nowhere close to achieving.

In this, our third and final Green Hydrogen themed episode recorded live at the World Future Energy Summit, our speakers discuss ways to attract public- and private-sector funding into the sector.

Where do the biggest investment opportunities lie? Which countries are leading the field in attracting green hydrogen investment? What lessons can other nations learn from them and why?

Justo Alejandro Algaba, Director - Infrastructure Finance, MENAT at HSBC is joined by Claude Mourey, Director, Hydrogen and New Energies – EMEA at Wood Mackenzie and Adrien d'Ormesson, Investment Manager at Foresight Group, a sustainability-led alternative assets and SME investment manager. 

The episode – moderated by Jeffrey Beyer, explores where the bulk of investment is coming from: governments or private equity firms, and ways to unlock further financing.

Future Energy Insights seeks to address the biggest challenges shaping the future of energy, both in the Middle East and around the world.

EPISODE 2: Building a local hydrogen market: What needs to be in place?

Episode two of Future Energy Insights will explore the elements needed to build a thriving hydrogen market in the GCC.

Moderator Jeffrey Beyer is joined by Frank Wouters, Senior Vice President of New Energy at Reliance International, Emanuele Bianco, Policy Program Officer at IRENA and Dr Jehan Kanga, CEO of Rux Energy, an advanced materials startup.

Recorded live at World Future Energy Summit 2023, the episode explores how countries can position themselves at the forefront of the hydrogen market and how they can export efficiently to the many countries eyeing up this clean energy form.

The 30 minute session examines what infrastructure should be built, partnerships formed and government initiatives introduced to lay robust foundations on which the industry can grow. There is also a focus on startups and the need for cross-sector collaboration.

EPISODE 1: Green hydrogen: Is the Middle East market innovating fast enough?

The World Future Energy Summit (WFES) has launched its podcast series, Future Energy Insights.

Recorded live at WFES 2023, episode one examines the clean hydrogen sector and whether the Middle East market is innovating quickly enough to meet future demand.

Global industry experts discuss the market segments presenting the biggest opportunities for innovators. They explore the R&D currently under way to help drive innovation, and the role that photovoltaics, electrolysers and other technologies will play in accelerating growth.

Featuring a mix of passionate debate and in-depth discussion, episode one is entitled ‘Clean hydrogen: is the region’s market innovating fast enough?’.

Panellists include Alan Zhao, Director of New Power Business, Africa and Middle East at Cummins; and Dan Feldman, a partner in the corporate finance and investment practice at King and Spalding law firm in Abu Dhabi.

Chris Smith, CEO and founder of Meld Energy, which delivers green hydrogen solutions to a global market, also joins the debate.

Future Energy Insights seeks to address the biggest challenges shaping the future of energy, both in the Middle East and around the world.