EcoWASTE Forum

Tuesday 18th January

10.30 | Welcome

10.35 | Keynote Presentation

(Reserved; details to be announced)

10.55 | Circular economy: Making waste economically and environmentally sustainable

Panel Discussion

The rise of the circular economy stalled during the pandemic, with reports that more single use plastic was entering the waste system. This panel will discuss how to reignite the circular economy, creating commercial incentives that give true value to waste that are economically and environmentally sustainable.  

Confirmed speakers:

Daker El Rabaya

Managing Director of Waste Processing,

Treatment and Disposal, Bee’ah

Marcelo Piva

Regional Sustainability Director

Greater Middle East & Africa, Tetra Pak

Riad Bestani

Founder and GM


11.35 | Circular economy: Rethinking product packaging and manufacture

Panel Discussions

Circular economy: Rethinking product packaging and manufacture

Packaging represents about 26% of total plastics use by volume, but it is estimated that only 14% is collected for recycling. It is time to rethink product packaging and manufacture. Globally, a number of schemes have been launched to either refill or return packaging. What opportunities are there regionally to both reduce packaging, increase recycling and introduce refill or return packaging?

Confirmed speakers:

Carlo Stella


Arthur D Little

Matteo Boffa


Swiss Business Council Abu Dhabi

Sonia Ytuarte Nasser

Independent Solid Waste Consultant

Ronald Richa

General Manager Plastic Recycling - Repeet


Meghna Talreja

Founder & CEO

One Modern World

12.10 | Using technology to map waste management services (Reserved)

Case Study

This will look at the use of different types of technology being used by a waste management company to better understand its services, including planning, collection and disposal. It will outline how technologies are being used and why.

Pablo Arribere Jimenez

Senior Director - Operational Excellence

& Innovation, Bee’ah

12.30 | Expanding the role of climate-linked finance

Panel Discussion

New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are enabling greater monitoring of waste through connected devices, and greater automation will streamline future operations. This panel will discuss greater technology use in planning and providing waste management services.

Confirmed speakers:

Ali Moidu


Dubai Technologies

16.00 | Close of Day One

Wednesday 19th January

10.30 | Welcome Address

10.35 | Waste-to-Hydrogen


This presentation will look at plans to build a waste to hydrogen facility, the waste it will use and why it is being developed.

Dr. Rifat Chalabi

Chairman & CEO

Chinook Sciences

10.55 | Landfill reduction strategies

Panel Discussion

While gate fees are low it is difficult to reduce the levels of waste going to landfill, or push forwards more innovative approaches to managing waste. In some countries, governments have tried to ban certain items going to landfill, but for that to succeed alternative options need to be available. This panel will look at what needs to be in place to bring about change for sustainable waste management.

Naseebah AlMarzooqi

Director of Studies, Research and Development

Ministry of Energy & Industry, UAE

Madhumohan Sreeram

Chief Innovation Officer


11.35 | Dealing with major waste sources

Case Study

According to the Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi, approximately 41% of all waste in the emirate comprises construction & demolition waste. Electronic, and food & agricultural waste also pose significant challenges. These presentations will focus on sustainable approaches to dealing with each waste type, presenting ideas on how that ‘waste’ can become of economic benefit.

11.30 | Organic waste to biogas

11.45 | Agricultural residue

Lina Yousef


De L'Arta

12.00: Recycling electronic waste

  • Youssef Chehade, Managing Partner, Ecyclex

Youssef Chehade

Managing Partner


12.15: Construction & Demolition

12.30: Waste to construction materials

  • Dr Nicolas Calvet, Co-Founder and CEO, Seramic Materials

Dr Nicolas Calvet

Co-Founder and CEO

Seramic Materials

12.45: Audience Q&A 

13.00 | Close of Day Two and Visit Exhibition