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Solar & Clean Energy Forum

The Solar & Clean Energy Forum focuses on the dynamic, long-term shift taking place in the sector as clean energy use increases. The Forum will discuss strategies to meet energy expectations, particularly in urban areas, and the technologies that can help meet these aims. 

  • Future of green hydrogen
  • Planning for energy transition post pandemic
  • Energy storage in renewables environments
  • Hybrid power planning and projects
  • Opportunities for hydrogen
  • Grid stability
  • Changing finance and project investment
  • O&M/whole life asset management
  • Mini grids and distributed energy
  • Commercial & Industrial solar
  • Advanced technologies

Water Forum

The Water Forum will present the latest technologies and thinking to ensure water security in the water stressed regions. It will focus on new approaches to water management, mitigating water threats and innovations that will help reduce water demand and foster clean, efficient production.

  • Post pandemic strategy for water: water effectiveness not efficiency
  • New consumption trends and the impact of localisation and self-efficiency
  • Water resilience, emergency response and continuity
  • Asset management and whole of life water costing models
  • Automation and smart water
  • Increasing water reuse
  • Decarbonisation of water production
  • Water conservation programmes and retrofits
  • New water food nexus and efficient food production

Climate and Environment Forum

The inaugural Climate & Environment Forum will focus on how organisations and governments can meet their ESG (environment, social, governance) targets. It will look at methods to decarbonise industry, tackling air pollution, the role of carbon capture, novel climate-focused technologies and how such policies, approaches and strategies can be applied in urban areas.

  • Decarbonisation of heavy industry
  • Promoting a green economic recovery
  • Strategies to reduce air pollution
  • Carbon capture, use and storage
  • Climate engineering and novel carbon capture technologies
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem conservation
  • Urban spaces and sustainable cities

Smart Cities Forum

The Smart Cities Forum will discuss how technology and sustainability will reshape our future interactions in cities and buildings. The Forum will look at master planning, future architectural design, mobility and the technologies that underpin smart cities to improve liveability and the efficient transport of people, goods and waste within the built environment.

  • Government plans and initiatives for regional smart cities
  • 5G and connected smart cities
  • Leveraging AI in urban development
  • Cyber safety for smart cities
  • IoT, people and data in the urban environment
  • Building retrofitting programmes for sustainable cities
  • The future of smart health
  • Energy and water efficient architecture
  • 3D printing and sustainability
  • Smart mobility

EcoWASTE Forum

The EcoWASTE Forum focuses on the circular economy of waste. It will look at new value chains within waste, the benefits of recycling and reduced landfill use and the changing approaches to dealing with waste, including drivers to reduce single-use plastic, energy from waste and how technology will increasingly influence decisions taken in the sector.

  • Circular economy
  • Minimising landfill waste
  • Recycling and reuse
  • Municipality strategies & plans
  • Treating different waste types (food, hazardous)
  • Waste-to-energy/ Refuse-derived fuel
  • Regulations