2021 Upcoming forums explored

The 2021 Edition of the World Future Energy Summit is fast approaching, which means it is time to look ahead to April and see what is in store for all our welcome guests.

The 2021 forum programme has being carefully planned to provide the necessary structure for world-changing discussions and idea exchanges. Each session is designed to give the most relevant speakers the chance to tackle our global society’s most pressing problems. From ending water and food scarcity, to restructuring whole industries in a post-Covid world, these forums are avenues for exploring the greatest opportunities available to us right now, as well as the challenges that cannot be avoided in the process.


Smart Cities Forum – Bringing smarter urban living to life

This year’s Smart Cities Forum will welcome highly respected speakers such as Stephane le Gentil, COO and Acting CEO, Abu Dhabi Energy Services, Charles Blaschke, CEO, Taka Solutions, and Riad Bsaibes, President and CEO, Amana Investments. Between them, plus many others, they will be exploring the needs of the smart city (in general as well as specific cases) as it moves towards a net-zero carbon future.

From introducing the latest AI, green hydrogen and electrification technologies in mass-transit systems, to looking at 5G opportunities and building up citywide cybersecurity capabilities, this year’s forum will lay out the vision of the smart city’s near future.

Water Forum – Finding better ways to save and use water worldwide

Our leading speakers for this year’s Water Forum include Graeme Sims, Executive Director of RSB Dubai, Kyle Wagner, Head of Operations for Madar Farms, and Corrado Sommariva, CEO and Founder of SWPC. Unmissable sessions this year include a complete re-evaluation of the food-water security nexus, as developments in smart agriculture, optimisation of water utilities and the greater use of renewables all pave the way towards a more sustainable water future for the Middle East and the rest of the world. Sessions on optimising household water use efficiency and Revisiting water re-use priorities post Covid-19 will also make for essential viewing, as they show how public participation and understanding will be vital in improving water security.

Climate and Environment Forum – Imagining a healthier global environment for all

2021 will be a special year for the World Future Energy Summit, as we look forward to presenting our inaugural Climate and Environment Forum. As such, we are beyond excited to have such prestigious speakers introducing this forum to our existing lineup, such as Dr. Majid Sultan Al Qassimi, Adviser to the Minister, UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, Ryan Ingram, the founder of TerraLoop, and CEO of Earth Matters, Tanzeed Alam.

The ‘Rethinking climate & environment emissions reductions’ session will be truly ambitious in scope, as it encourages organisations to address and cover all points of their products/services’ value chain, including raw materials, manufacture, transport, use and disposal. Other key sessions include expanding the role of climate-linked finance, climate engineering and fostering youth engagement with positive climate change policies.

EcoWaste Forum – A cleaner outlook for the Middle East

The Middle East is both a major contributor to the global waste issue but also one of the leading regions in producing innovations designed to solve it. This year we will welcome visionary business leaders like Rafael Sanjurjo Lopez, CEO of Public Cleansing & Waste Collection – Bee’ah, Carlo Stella, Principal, Arthur D Little Consulting, and Riad Bestani, General Manager of GeoCycle.

Their sessions will range from promoting circular economies through automation and 3D printing, to finding ways to move beyond landfill for good.

Energy and Solar Forum – Powering our sustainable future

The world’s transition to a cleaner and more reliable energy setup impacts the Middle East as much if not more so than any other region, due to its traditional reliance on natural reserves of hydrocarbon-based resources. 2021 will be a pivotal year for renewable energy adoption, and our key speakers like Daniel Calderon, CEO of Alcazar Energy, Raed Bkayrat, Managing Director, Clean Energy Business Council and Alex Katon, General Manager of Summit Global Power will take you through the landscape of this extremely exciting time for the industry.

From reducing our global reliance on fossil fuels, to embracing microgrids and distributed electricity setups, this year’s forum aims to promote solutions that will enable a more rapid and dynamic restructuring of world energy provision. Technology trends shaping predictive O&M, green hydrogen manufacture considerations and the rise of Hybrid power projects are all unmissable sessions as well.


We cannot wait for you to join us at the World Future Energy Summit 2021, where all five of our signature forums offer the chance to get to grips with the most relevant sustainability issues, challenges and opportunities of the day. Register here to attend the event.