Innovation Trail

CLIX - Climate Innovation Exchange

CLIX serves as a crucial innovations exchange platform to champion green ideas and support solutions that will redefine our world. Here Start-Ups, SMEs and innovators are invited to use the World Future Energy Summit platform, to generate momentum and bring attention to their ground-breaking products and solutions to an audience with the power to make it happen. This year’s theme focuses on female centric, founded or run startups.

Cleantech Showcase

Highlighting emerging technologies, pioneering products and forward-thinking solutions, the technology showcase is a new feature at this year’s World Future Energy Summit, bringing together some of the most recognisable names synonymous with innovation. 

Some companies have confirmed their products, while some are in discussion.

Green Hydrogen Innovation Hub

The Green Hydrogen Innovation Hub will provide a look into the current and future solutions around the hydrogen sector, as it plays an increasing role in the global energy transition. The hub will bring together startups and SMEs across the entire value chain, including the production, transport, storage and use of hydrogen, while providing influential decision makers and buyers the chance to source for upcoming and current projects.

Innovation Zone

Hosted by Masdar, the Innovation Zone will host a series of industry panels with innovators and experts showcasing critical climate solutions, as the global community builds on the progress from COP28. The program will feature:

Day 1: Scaling Climate Tech Innovation in the Global South with Masdar City (April 16)

Day 2: The UAE – A Global Climate Tech Hub with Masdar City (April 17)

Day 3: Empowering SMEs for a Sustainable Future (April 18)

The Innovation Zone will also feature the Net Zero Navigator, an AI-powered tool developed by Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week to support stakeholders with personalized insights and guidance in identifying the most effective pathways to net zero.

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