Energy Transition

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Thursday 18th April

14:00 - 14:45 | What does the reality of clean energy transition look like?

While many clean energy advocates say the time to adopt completely clean and sustainable practices is now, others say the science shows this is impossible, and a gradual transition from traditional oil and gas is the only reality. Is the given science misleading? Are clean energy ambitions idealistic? This discussion will dismantle leading arguments in this ongoing debate to go behind theoretical narratives we’ve repeatedly heard and delve into the feasibility of solutions being practiced today.

Moderator: Salim A. Essaid, Business Editor, The National


Amy Lehoczky, Director - Environmental, Social and Governance, G42


Yusuf Macun, Founder & Managing Partner, Cranmore Partners 


15:00 - 15:45 | Innovations in Solar Energy: Lighting Up Smart Cities

This focus area explores the cutting-edge technologies and solutions in solar power that are driving the development of smart, sustainable urban environments. It emphasizes the role of solar energy in achieving energy efficiency, reducing carbon footprints, and fostering resilient infrastructures in the cities of the future.

Moderator: Paula Naoufal, 
Senior Finance Reporter, CNN Business Arabic


Laurence Kemball-Cook, Founder and CEO, Pavegen


16:00 - 16:45 | The Hydrogen Effect: what comes next after the Hydrogen Declaration at Cop28 and how Gulf economies can fast-track progress

Could hydrogen as an energy source become the next big technology hype like AI is now? And would the Gulf region's economies take a global lead role in this dynamic new sector? How can the region scale up investment and infrastructure to help fill the gap for clean energy in line with Cop28 goals? And how quickly can standards and regulations be put in place to help deliver on the above? 

This dynamic and engaging session will seek to discuss these and other related themes around the future of hydrogen and energy and includes a panel of experts featuring senior executives working on the front lines of this exciting industry. 

Moderator: Mustafa Alrawi, Group Director Editorial Partnerships, International Media Investments - IMI


Manuel Kuehn,
 Head of New Energy Sales, Siemens Energy