Solar & Clean Energy Forum

Monday 16th January

13.30 | Opening Keynote

H.E. Eng. Sharif Alolama

Undersecretary for Energy & Petroleum Affairs

Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure, UAE

13.40 | Presentation: Nigeria’s energy transition

HE Eng Abubakar D. Aliyu


Ministry of Power, Nigeria

13.50 | Presentation: Energy transition – a view from Norway

Sjur Eigil Bratland

Managing Director,

Norwegian Energy Partners

14.00 | Presentation: Decarbonizing the grid - corporate renewable energy purchasing

Jake Oster

Director, Energy and Environment Policy,

EMEA, Amazon Web Services

14.10 | Panel: Investing in the energy transition

  • The energy transition requires huge investment. Where in the energy system is investment required, what investment is required and why is this important?
  • How do governments and industry work together to overcome supply chain constraints and promote and ensure the energy transition is smooth, affordable and enables security?
  • How do governments ensure net zero energy is cost competitive for the consumer?
  • What is the continued role of gas, and how will nuclear change approaches to the energy transition
  • How do governments and industry invest in the raw materials required, but ensure that their use is not done at the expense of local ecosystems?

Confirmed speakers:

Moderator: Bill Lenihan


Zola Electric

Nawal Al-Hanaee

Director of Future Energy Department

Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure, UAE

Valerie Levkov

Vice-President Middle East Africa,


Fawad Ali Gilani

Planning & Energy Markets Director,

Abu Dhabi Department of Energy

Florian Merz


UAE Industries, Mubadala

14:50 | Panel: Making the grid fit for energy transition

  • National grids must be able to handle different forms of energy - mixing traditional, renewables and nuclear.
  • What investment and capital spending is required to ensure energy grids are fit for purpose?
  • According to research, the three main barriers to grid projects are permits and approvals lead times, disrupted global supply chains, and a skills shortage. How can these be successfully tackled? 

Confirmed speakers:

Moderator: Tom Foley

EMEA Future Energy Leader


Ahmed AlMazrouei

Director of Regulation & Supervision Dept.,

Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure, UAE

Bruce Smith

Executive Director, Strategy & Planning,

Emirates Water & Electricity Company

Ahmed Ali Al-Ebrahim


GCC Interconnection Authority

Mayure Daby

Head of Energy NetZero Business, Middle East,


15.30 | Presentation: Smart grids

  • An outline of what a smart grid is, and what benefits it can bring
  • What a smart grid offers both consumers and energy suppliers

Presented by:

Frank Brichau

Executive Director of Customer

and Digital (Energy), ENOWA.NEOM

15.45 | Panel: COP27 outcomes and preparing for COP28

  • What energy initiatives and adaptations from COP27 will shape discussions for COP28?
  • What will COP28 mean for UAE energy plans?
  • How will the private and public sector embrace ambitions that meet targets set during COP and help nations towards their net zero goals?

Confirmed speakers:

Moderator: Bart Cornelissen

Partner, Energy, Resources

& Industrials Leader, Deloitte

Eng. Mozah Alnuaimi

Director of Productivity & Demand Management

Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure, UAE

Dr. Shamma Ahmed Al-Malek

Strategy Development Director,

Abu Dhabi Department of Energy

Noel Aoun

Executive Director of Strategy & Chief

Sustainability Officer, TAQA

Gauri Singh

Deputy Director General,


Frederic Claux

Managing Director, Thermal and Supply, AMEA,

& Country Manager, GCC, Engie

16.30 | Close of day 1

Tuesday 17th January

10.30 | Presentation: Net zero ambitions in energy

Carlos Gasco Travesedo

Energy Policy Executive Director,

Abu Dhabi Department of Energy

10.45 | Presentation: Managing the energy trilemma

  • In current financial conditions, can we still marry the energy trilemma of cost, security and sustainability, or will one leg have to give?
  • How does the industry balance each part of the trilemma, how and what benefits does this bring both the energy sector and consumers?

Presented by:

Nancy Hantour

Principal Engineer, Nuclear & Net Zero Energy

Middle East, Atkins

11.00 | Panel: What are the routes to meeting net zero ambitions?

  • How can governments help accelerate their plans for net zero - or at least lower carbon - energy systems? What will the tipping points be?
  • Governments have put in place net zero targets - can they be met with current clean energy build and commissioning rates? Is the region building the required energy infrastructure at a rate fast enough to meet net zero targets?
  • How will plans for renewables and battery storage be managed in combination with plans for nuclear and gas to meet net zero ambitions? 

Confirmed speakers:

Bruce Smith

Executive Director, Strategy & Planning,

Emirates Water & Electricity Company

Umraz Ahmed

Expert Energy Policy & Regulation,

Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure, UAE

Gurbuz Gonul

Director of Country Engagements & Partnership


Fawaz Al Muharrami

Executive Director Clean Energy,


Franck Bernard

Director Flexibility

Certificates, ENOWA.NEOM

11.40 | Panel: Long duration energy storage

  • Providing flexibility for future energy systems, this panel looks at what long duration energy storage is and why it is becoming increasingly important
  • The discussion will provide examples of current use and market growth predictions, and look at the benefits and challenges faced
  • It will also discuss approaches to building a strong finance model for storage + renewables projects


Confirmed speakers:

Moderator: Frank Wouters

Senior Vice President New Energy

Reliance International

Dr. Ibraheem Almansouri

Head, Engineering


Marco Terruzzin

Chief Product Officer

Energy Vault

Jurgen Reinert

Group CEO,

SMA Solar Technology

Mohammed Atif

Area Manager UAE


Dr. Ralf Wiesenberg

Vice President Business Development,


12.15 | Presentation: Decarbonising the grid - district cooling

  • The main energy consumer on the grid is cooling systems.
  • This presentation outlines the role of district cooling, where its use can be increased, and the energy and water efficiency measures it must take to also decarbonise

Presented by:

Antonio Di Cecca

Chief Operating Officer,


12.30 | Presentation: Mesia Solar Outlook report

Presented by:

Denisa Fainis

Secretary General,


12.45 | Break

14.00 | Presentation: A Global Perspective on CCS – Projects, Policies, and Required Actions

  • The role of CCS in mitigating climate change
  • Project pipeline and demand drivers for CCS
  • Regional overviews – projects and policies
  • Working together to scale CCS globally

Presented by:

Jarad Daniels


Global CCUS Institute

14.15 | Presentation: Investing in a hydrogen future

  • What infrastructure needs to be in place to enable the hydrogen economy within a country, and how will it be paid for?
  • Is there greater risk in making large investments in hydrogen? Will market competition for exporters be far greater than oil, putting pressure on process to remain competitive?
  • This presentation will focus on upcoming investments in hydrogen infrastructure

Presented by:

Yusuf Macun

Managing Partner,

Cranmore Partners

14.30 | Panel: Hydrogen - should green be the main focus?

  • The pros and cons of different hydrogen types
  • Should there also be significant focus on other hydrogen colours – why do so many organisations and government talk mainly about green?
  • Examples of planned green hydrogen use


Confirmed speakers:

Moderator: Claude Mourey

Director, Hydrogen and New Energies - EMEA,

Wood Mackenzie

Stephan Gobert

Senior Vice President, Hydrogen


Frank Wouters

Senior Vice President New Energy,

Reliance International

Dr. Mohammad Abu Zahra

Head of Mena Region,

Global CCUS Institute

Rachid Bayed

Executive Director Head of Operations


Florian Merz


UAE Industries, Mubadala

15.15 | Case study: Government strategies for hydrogen

Presented by:

Dipak Sakaria

Energy Transition Expert,

Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure, UAE

15.30 | Case study: Incubating and accelerating solutions in green hydrogen

Ralph De Haan


Business Development, Hydrogen, ENOWA.NEOM

15.45 | Panel: Building a local hydrogen market - what needs to be in place?

  • Is the future global hydrogen market/economy reality or hype?
  • What must GCC countries do to ensure they are at the forefront of the hydrogen market – one that many nations are eyeing - and can export efficiently?
  • Will industry customers pay a premium for the low-carbon products manufactured using hydrogen? With examples of hydrogen use in industry to create new product lines


Confirmed speakers:

Moderator: Mohammed Atif

Area Manager UAE


Emanuele Bianco

Policy Program Officer,


Dan Feldman


King & Spalding

Justo Alejandro Algaba

Director-Infrastructure Finance (Real Assets)


Mohammad Abdelqader El Ramah

Director, Asset Management and

Technical Services, Masdar

16.30 | Close of day 2

Wednesday 18th January

Industry insights: The digitalisation of energy

  • Each presentation will focus on a different aspect of the digitalisation underway, looking at the benefits it can bring, how it is changing thinking and the new ideas promoted due to advances in technology.

10.30 | Blockchain energy securitisation and micro grid financing

Martin Nagell

Adviser, Office of the CEO,


10.45 | Cloud-based apps for design and modelling

Matt Campbell


Terabase Energy

11.00 | Digital twin for wind turbine management

Marc De Battista

Sr. Specialist in Control Algorithm Design,

Zhejiang Windey

11.15 | Presentation: Fusion Energy

  • Fusion has long been considered as a future, long-term clean energy source, but still requires much research
  • To date, a viable, scalable, commercial way to harness the energy produced from fusion has not been achieved, however the technology is advancing.
  • Investment in fusion technology research is accelerating - almost $3bn according to industry figures, mainly from the private sector
  • This presentation outlines the fusion journey - where it has reached, the ongoing research and when we may see the technology come to fruition

Presented by:

Dr. David Kingham

Executive Vice Chairman,

Tokamak Energy

11.30 | Presentation: Nuclear Energy

  • This presentation outlines efforts to provide more clean energy in China

Presented by:

Qiao Gang

Vice President,

CNNC Overseas

11.40 | Panel: Why data transparency is required for energy efficiency

  • Talk to companies and they will say there is a lack of data transparency in the region; without which it is difficult to benchmark and monitor efficiency progress
  • The lack of transparency is not restricted to just the energy industry, so how does the region foster greater openness of data and trust? 
  • What benefits will this bring; and what challenges must be overcome for it to happen?

Confirmed speakers:

Moderator: Tim Armsby


Pinsent Masons

Michel Abi Saab

General Manager,


Mohammed Al Taani

Secretary General,

Arab Renewable Energy Commission

Mohamed Fadhel Hachicha

Product Manager,


12.15 | Case study: Ras Al Khaimah Energy Efficiency and Renewables Strategy 2040

  • This case study will focus on the emirate’s plans to reduce its carbon emissions through sustainable energy initiatives
  • It will outline achievements to date and future plans.

Presented by:

Andrea Di Gregorio

Executive Director, Energy Efficiency and

Renewables Office, RAK Municipality

12.30 | Break

14.00 | Panel: Green hydrogen - can associated industries scale fast enough?

  • As the trend towards green hydrogen gathers pace, what role will photovoltaics, electrolysers, and other tehcnologies play in accelerating the market?
  • Can systems scale quickly enough to meet demand?
  • What R&D is underway to introduce new innovations into this market segment?

Confirmed speakers:

Moderator: Gurmeet Kaur


Pinsent Masons

Arne Ballantine



Dr Mustapha Taoumi


Energy Transitions and Strategies

Marcus Spickermann

Senior Vice President,


George Touloupas

Senior Director, Technology and Quality,


Chintan Shah

Director Technical,


Roadblocks to the circular economy of energy - and how to overcome them

  • What is the role of the circular economy in energy?
  • What rules & regulations are required - and what role does government play in developing these?
  • How will this help the industry, economies and the environment? Who are the key stakeholders?

14.40 | Presentation:

Thorsten Schwarz

Exec. Director Grid Technology & Projects,


14.50 | Panel:

Moderator: Joumana Hosri

CEO Middle East,

Znshine Solar JV

Roland Roesch

Deputy Director, Innovation

& Information Technology Centre, IRENA

Dr. Nabih Cherradi

CTO, Desert Technologies and President,

Solar United

Pradip Kumar Das

Chairman and Managing Director


Abhay Bhargava

Vice President & Regional Head MEASA – Energy

& Environment Practice, Frost & Sullivan

15.25 | Presentation: Africa Solar Industry Outlook 2023: Achievements and perspectives

Presented by:

John van Zuylen


Africa Solar Industry Association

15.40 | Case Study: Qurayyah solar thermal plant

  • Operational since December 2020 on Saudi Aramco’s premises in Qurayyah, its solar thermal plant has been developed as an industrial pilot to show the potential of energy and CO2 savings offered by TVP Solar technology.
  • This case study outlines why Saudi Aramco commissioned the pilot, the associated benefits and results to date.

Presented by:

Silvio Sparano

Solar Energy - Head of Oil & Gas,

TVP Solar

15.55 | Panel: Maximising performance from solar energy systems

  • With tight budgets, it is important that energy companies get maximum ‘bang for the buck’ from their solar plants
  • How do they ensure that they attain the best possible performance?
  • How do manufacturers of related products, such as modules and panels, ensure they meet those performance aims?


Confirmed speakers:

Moderator: Dr. Nabih Cherradi

CTO, Desert Technologies & President,

Solar United

Joumana Hosri

CEO Middle East,

Znshine Solar JV

Mohamed Saady Dweik

Head of Technical Services & Product

Management - MENA, Jinko Solar

Diaa Eed

Director, Strategic Business MENA,


Maher Yousef Maymoun

Founder & CEO,

Solar Piezoclean

Antonio Jimenez

Managing Director & VP Middle East & Africa,

Trina Solar

16.30 | Close of day 3