EcoWASTE Forum

Tuesday 17 January

11.00 | Opening presentation

Eng. Ali Mohamed Al Dhaheri


Abu Dhabi waste Management Company - Tadweer

11.10 | Panel: Promoting the circular economy - practical approaches with real benefits

  • This panel will consider the circular economy and schemes that have been introduced to promote its growth and reduce waste
  • Who takes ownership of circularity strategies? Regulators or waste management companies? What is the role of government, policies and regulations?
  • How successful is the region at refill schemes or tackling over packaging?

Confirmed speakers: 

Moderator: Seppe Verheyen

Senior Research Fellow,

Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy

Carlo Stella

Senior Partner,

Arthur D. Little

Priya Sarma

Senior Sustainability Director, Unilever and

Chair, Circular Packaging Association

Eng. Othaibah Al Qaydi

Director of Municipal Affairs,

UAE Ministry of Climate Change & Environment

Sophie Corcut

Sustainability Manager,


11.50 | Presentation: The role of governance to ensure a thriving circular economy

  • This presentation looks at how governance can play a key role in circularity strategies, and core policies that need to be put in place
  • What roles do different stakeholders across the value chain play? 
  • How can such governance be monitored, and what technologies will enable this to happen? 

Presented by:

Hani Tohme

Senior Partner and Head of Sustainability

Practice in the Middle East, Roland Berger

12.05 | Circular Economy: Closing the loop locally

  • There is increasing awareness on the circular economy, but closing local loops can be complicated, particularly if recycle rates are low
  • What is needed to move the circular economy from discussion to action?
  • What regulations and standards are required to ensure there is a market?
  • This presentation will look at how to build the full value chain, what is being done locally, and what benefits will these bring

Presented by:

Ronald Richa

General Manager Plastic Recycling – Repeet,


12.20 | Circular Economy: Circular Packaging Association

  • Packaging typically is the subject of pointed discussions within the EcoWASTE Forum 
  • This presentation will provide an outline of the recently formed Circular Packaging Association in the UAE, providing insights into the initiative, its plans and ambitions to minimise and change thinking around packaging

Presented by:

Priya Sarma

Senior Sustainability Director, Unilever and

Chair, Circular Packaging Association

12.35 | Circular economy and packaging: An entrepreneur's view

  • This presentation provides a first-hand account of introducing sustainable packaging into the region
  • It discusses ensuring new products are fit for region and attractive to customers, and the challenges and opportunities of building a client network

Presented by:

Meghna Lakhani Talreja

Founder & CEO,

One Modern World

12.50 | Presentation: The future of waste operations

Presented by:

Mark Woods

Senior Advisor

Abu Dhabi waste Management Company - Tadweer

13:05 | Panel: Introducing structure to recycling approaches through tech and apps

  • There is a rise in technologies and apps aimed at helping with recycling, reuse or upcycling
  • What benefits do these bring - and how do they help expand recycling schemes?
  • How does the data they generate help better understand waste reuse or recycling, and what benefits can these insights bring?
  • How do these companies - often startups - attract investment? What makes them a good opportunity?

Confirmed speakers: 

Moderator: Radhika Arapally

Founder and Chief Consultant,

Sustainability Kiosk

Youssef Chehade

Managing Partner


Elie Skaf

Co-Founder & CEO

Right Farm

Daniel Solomon



Maryam AlMansoori

General Manager


13.45 | Close of day 1

Wednesday 18th January

10.30 | Presentation: Waste Management Strategy

Presented by:

Ibrahim AbdulMajid Al Ali

Strategic Planning & Policies Dept. Director

Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company - Tadweer

10.45 | Panel: How do countries marry a W2E strategy with the circular economy?

  • Waste to energy and the circular economy do not naturally fit together, as it disincentives reuse and recycling
  • What strategies need to be in place to make these disparate approaches work?
  • What benefits can W2E bring, and how do governments build a workable strategy?

Confirmed Speakers:

Moderator: Yves Takchi


Arthur D. Little

Nouf Wazir

Senior Engineer,

Beeah Energy

Saurabh Mukherjee

Business Development Manager,

Siemens Energy

Ari Kokko

Director, Technology and R&D, Energy Business

Unit, Valmet Technologies

Jori Kaaresmaa

Senior Process Specialist,

BMH Technology

11.15 | Presentations: Using WasteTech to fast-track sustainable waste management

  • These presentations will outline how different advanced technologies can be used to better manage aspects of solid waste, what benefits they can bring and how they fit with decarbonisation and sustainability targets.

Presented by:

11.15 | Case Study 1:

Marwan Al Marzouqi

IT Director,

Abu Dhabi waste Management Company - Tadweer

11.30 | Case Study 2:

Fatima Al Banna

Project Engineer, Waste Treatment,

Beeah Recycling

11.45 | Minimising electronic waste through recycling

  • This presentation looks at the size of the challenge with e-waste, and how it can be sustainably managed
  • It will outline the types of e-waste, how it can be tackled, and where tackling e-waste fits within the circular economy, and opportunities for commercial gain

Presented by:

Stuart Fleming

Co-Founder & Group CEO,

Enviroserve Group

12.00 | Presentation: Waste Management Projects & Facilities

Presented by:

Abdul Mohsin Al Katheeri

Projects & Facilities Department Director,

Abu Dhabi waste Management Company – Tadweer

12.15 | Presentation: Tangible approaches to reducing food waste at the national level

  • At all stages of the value chain, food waste is a significant global challenge. This presentation highlights the ne’ma strategy – the National Food Loss and Waste initiative to reduce waste by 50% by 2030 and support food security.
  • It will address the role of policies and baseline study to drive systemic and circular changes, collaborative approach for raising awareness and reaching the targets, as well as behavioural change- the results and leanings from a pilot study run as part of the strategy

Presented by:

Khuloud Al Nuwais

Chief Sustainability Officer,

Emirates Foundation

12.30 | Panel: Waste management and COP ambitions

  • What are the major, tangible changes that can be introduced by government to increase sustainable waste management? And should it be a mixture of regulations and encouragement?
  • What outcomes from COP27 and potentially COP28 will have implications on the way waste is treated and the circular economy encouraged?
  • Still a common comment is that all waste goes into the same place, even if separated - how does the industry better communicate what happens to waste, and how it can be given a second life, or generate value?

Confirmed speakers:

Moderator: Dr. Hashem Stietiya

Director of Research and Development,

Beeah Group

Nadia Ibrahim

Associate Director Sustainability, Farnek

United Nations Global Compact UAE

Mario Sanchez

Principal in the Sustainability Practice

in the Middle East, Roland Berger

Charlene Nawar



Lina Fayez Yousef


De L’Arta

13.15 | Close