EcoWASTE Forum

Tuesday 17 January

11.00 | Opening presentation

11.10 | Presentation: TBC

11.25 | Panel: Promoting the circular economy - practical approaches with real benefits

  • This panel will consider the circular economy and schemes that have been introduced to promote its growth and reduce waste
  • Who takes ownership of circularity strategies? Regulators or waste management companies? What is the role of government, policies and regulations?
  • How successful is the region at refill schemes or tackling over packaging?

Confirmed speakers: 

Moderator: Carlo Stella


Arthur D Little

Priya Sarma

Senior Sustainability Director


Sophie Corcut

Sustainability Manager


Eng. Othaibah Al Qaydi

Director of Municipal Affairs

UAE Ministry of Climate Change & Environment

Senior Representative

Emirates Global Aluminum

12.10 | Presentation: The role of governance to ensure a thriving circular economy

  • This presentation looks at how governance can play a key role in circularity strategies, and core policies that need to be put in place
  • What roles do different stakeholders across the value chain play?
  • How can such governance be monitored, and what technologies will enable this to happen?

Presented by:

Hani Tohme

Senior Partner and Head of Sustainability

Practice in the Middle East, Roland Berger

12.25 | Circular Economy: Closing the loop locally

  • There is increasing awareness on the circular economy, but closing local loops can be complicated, particularly if recycle rates are low
  • What is needed to move the circular economy from discussion to action?
  • What regulations and standards are required to ensure there is a market?
  • This presentation will look at how to build the full value chain, what is being done locally, and what benefits will these bring

12.40 | Circular economy and packaging: An entrepreneur's view

  • This presentation provides a first-hand account of introducing sustainable packaging into the region
  • It discusses ensuring new products are fit for region and attractive to customers, and the challenges and opportunities of building a client network

Presented by:

Meghna Lakhani Talreja

Founder & CEO

One Modern World

12.55 | Panel: Introducing structure to recycling approaches through tech and apps

  • There is a rise in technologies and apps aimed at helping with recycling, reuse or upcycling
  • What benefits do these bring - and how do they help expand recycling schemes?
  • How does the data they generate help better understand waste reuse or recycling, and what benefits can these insights bring?
  • How do these companies - often startups - attract investment? What makes them a good opportunity?

Confirmed speakers: 

Maryam AlMansoori

General Manager


Youssef Chehade

Managing Partner


Elie Skaf

Co-Founder & CEO

Right Farm

Daniel Solomon



13.40 | Close of day 1

Wednesday 18th January

11.00 | Panel: How do countries marry a W2E strategy with the circular economy?

  • Waste to energy and the circular economy do not naturally fit together, as it disincentives reuse and recycling
  • What strategies need to be in place to make these disparate approaches work?
  • What benefits can W2E bring, and how do governments build a workable strategy?

11.45 | Using WasteTech to fast-track sustainable waste management

11.45 | Case study 1: Efficient routing for transport

12.00 | Case study 2: Improved data use in waste management

12.15 | Presentation: Sorting-at-Source

12.30 | Gaining commercial value from waste

12.30 | Case study 1: Waste to Jet fuel

12.45 | Case study 2: Turning 1 million tonnes of waste into commercial products

13.00 | Panel: Waste management and COP ambitions

  • What are the major, tangible changes that can be introduced by government to increase sustainable waste management? And should it be a mixture of regulations and encouragement?
  • What outcomes from COP27 and potentially COP28 will have implications on the way waste is treated?
  • Still a common comment is that all waste goes into the same place, even if separated - how does the industry better communicate what happens to waste?

Confirmed speakers:

Nadia Ibrahim

Associate Director Sustainability, Farnek

United Nations Global Compact UAE

Mario Sanchez

Principal in the Sustainability Practice

in the Middle East, Roland Berger

Charlene Nawar



13.40 | Close