Aisles & Gangways

To ensure that physical distancing is able to be maintained at all times Exhibitors and contractors are not to leave items in the aisles.

Exhibitors and contractors must remove all waste materials other than small items. Designated emergency aisles must be kept clear at all times - a floorplan of the emergency gangways can be found in the on-site Organisers' office. Please ensure you adhere to these rules to ensure a safe & accessible build up and you must co-operate with our Floor Managers. 

During the open period no objects must protrude from the stands into the aisles nor must furniture or displays or parts of displays be placed in the aisles. 

Under no circumstances may an Exhibitor (or staff member working on behalf of Exhibitors) be permitted to distribute any promotional material (including printed or other cards, circulars, articles, leaflets) at any point within the exhibition centre other than on their allocated stand space. This restriction includes the gangways surrounding your stand and all public spaces. 

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

The consumption of alcohol onsite during build up and breakdown phase is strictly forbidden. 

The taking of illicit drugs is strictly forbidden at all times.

It is an offence to smoke or to knowingly permit smoking inside the venue premises. If you observe someone smoking, a complaint may be made to any member of the exhibition team. This also applies to e-cigarettes and vaping. Smoking and Vaping will only be allowed in designated smoking areas outside.


Helium Balloons, Blimps and Toy Balloons are not permitted.

Banking Services/ Business Hours / Climate / Language / Local Currency, Taxes & Time / Money Exchanges / Photography / Religion

Banking Services

These services are available in the grandstand area as well as a pharmacy and general convenience store.

Banking hours: Saturday to Thursday 08:00hrs - 14:00hrs. Banks are closed Fridays.

Most banks operate ATMs which accepts a wide range of cards. Common systems accepted around Abu Dhabi - American Express, Cirrus, Global Access, MasterCard, Plus System and VISA.


Business Hours & Social Hours

Government offices:                   07:30am to 02:00pm (Sunday to Thursday)

Private sector:                              09:00am to 06:00pm can vary (Sunday to Thursday)

Embassies and consulates:        08:00am to 01:30pm (Sunday to Thursday)

Shopping Malls:                           10:00am to 22:00pm (Daily)

Petrol stations:                             24 hours (Daily)



Abu Dhabi has a sub-tropical, arid climate. Temperatures range from a low of around 13°C (50°F) on a winter’s night, to a high of around 42°C (118°F) on a summer’s day. The cooler months, November to April, are the most pleasant time to visit, when temperatures are around 24°C (75°F) during the day and 13°C (56°F) at night.



The official language of the country is Arabic, although English is the official business language.  English is widely used and most road and shop signs, restaurant menus, etc are in both languages.


Local Currency

The monetary unit is the ‘dirham’ (AED) which is divided into 100 ‘fils’. The currency is also referred to as AED (Arab Emirate Dirham). The dirham has been tied to the US dollar at a mid-rate of USD 1 – AED 3.671.

Exchange rates of all major currencies are published daily in the local newspapers.


Local Taxes

Payments under this order are not currently subject to additional amounts for taxation under UAE law. If and to the extent that a Value Added Tax (“VAT”) or any other tax, duty or levy is introduced by the relevant UAE authorities and/or otherwise becomes payable on any amounts hereunder during the term of this agreement, relevant invoices shall be re- issued at such time to reflect those changes such that payment shall be made in compliance with UAE law. If and to the extent that you do not pay such amounts and/or supplier name/Reed is required to make any such payment on your behalf, you are obligated to indemnify supplier name/Reed, forthwith on demand, in an amount equal to such tax liability.


Local Time

The UAE is four hours ahead of UTC (Co-ordinated Universal Time – formerly known as GMT) and there is no daylight saving.


Money Exchanges

Money exchanges are available all over Abu Dhabi, offering reasonable exchange rates which are often better than the banks. Additionally, hotels will usually exchange money and travellers cheques at the standard hotel rate.



Normal tourist photography is acceptable; it is courteous to ask permission before photographing people especially local women. In general, photographs of government buildings, military installations, ports and airports should not be taken.



Islam is the official religion of the UAE, but other religions are respected. Abu Dhabi has a variety of Christian churches.


Business Centre – Customer Services

ADNEC Customer Services is located at ADNEC Grandstand and will be open during the event to provide the following range of services:

Basic Office Services:

  • Photocopying / Printing
  • Internet café
  • Lamination
  • Binding
  • Fax
  • Scanning 
Exhibitor Orders:
  • IT & Telecommunications
  • Stand cleaning
  • Security
  • Skip orders
  • Car parking
  • Exhibition visa

Car Parking

Multi-storey car park A & B are available to exhibitors and visitors. It is a totally automated system and tickets will be issued at entry barriers to the parking, Parking tariffs are as follows: -

0 - 30 min


30 min – 1 hour

AED 20

1 – 8 hours

AED 40

8 – 10 hours

AED 50

10 – 12 hours

AED 60

12 – 24 hours

AED 80

  • Please always retain your ticket. Further charges apply on lost tickets.
  • Pay only at designated machines located at the venue before you leave.

Parking tickets at a fixed rate can be purchased in advance by completing this Form 18 - Parking Order Form. 

Catalogue/Product Entry & Advertising

Exhibitors can complete their Exhibitor Directory online by completing Form 1 - Exhibitor Directory or through the Online Exhibitor Zone

The Online Exhibitor Zone has been created to help and guide the exhibitors in the preparation of their stands and provides the following features:

  • Company profile, as well as a brand and key products carousel in the exhibitor directory on the website
  • The option to upload promotional materials, company news and press releases within your digital profile
  • The promotion of new products on the website’s digital Innovation trail and related marketing channels
  • Your company profile, brand and key products on the digital matchmaking platform, known as Sustainability Business Connect
  • A Social media mention as a new exhibitor across select World Future Energy Summit social media channels
  • Access to the Emperia lead retrieval application
  • Access the Exhibitor Manual & Forms.


Children under the age of 16 will not be permitted in the halls during build and breakdown under any circumstance. 

On event open days, no one under the age of 16 years will be permitted to attend unless they have obtained prior written consent of the Organisers and may be required by the Organisers to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Visitors with children will be responsible for their children and will be asked to put their mobile number on a wristband to be worn by the child.

Student groups will only be accepted by prior arrangement with the Show Team. 

Cleaning, Hygiene & Waste

General cleaning of the aisles and common areas is the responsibility of the Organisers.

A full cleaning of the Official Contractor’s upgraded shell scheme stand packages will take place prior to the exhibition opening and each evening after closing.

Exhibitors who booked Space Only stands are fully responsible for cleaning their own stands.

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre can supply a full cleaning service; exhibitors requiring the service should complete and return this Form 16 - Stand Cleaning. 

A skip service is available; exhibitors requiring the service should complete and return this Form 17 - Skip Order

During the build-up and breakdown period, exhibitors and their contractors are responsible for ensuring all waste materials are deposited in the rubbish bins provided in the freight yard. It is essential that paths and internal walkways are always kept clear of rubbish and other obstructions.

Damage to the Venue

It is strictly forbidden to affix nails, tacks, screws, adhesives, paint or similar items to the floor, walls, ceiling, or other parts of the premises. It is not permitted to drill into the floor of the exhibition halls. The cost of damage to the venue property will be taken from the security deposit.

Only the following tapes are recommended Double Sided Carpet Adhesive Tapes:

           EUROTAPE            EUROCEL            ADVANCE TAPE

Plastic packing tape, gaffer tape, masking tape or drafting tape, all of which are difficult tapes to remove from floors, are not to be used. Damage to the floor from poor quality adhesive tapes as well as any tapes not removed by the contractors will be removed by ADNEC will be charged to exhibitors.

Demonstrations, Live Performances, Entertainment, and Music on Stands

Demonstrations to Groups

E.g. Live cooking displays, Special treatments/ massages/tattooists, Live seminar areas/presentations, Performing acts such as magicians, dance displays, singers, bands and/or musical performance, acrobats, live animal displays.

Demonstrations of this nature create crowds on the stand and often overflowing into the aisle space. These are difficult to manage and therefore, due to physical distancing requirements at this time, they are temporarily not permitted.

Demonstrations to Individuals

E.g. Demonstrations of physical product to a customer

Demonstrations of an exhibitor’s physical product to an individual customer may be permitted subject to approval of the exhibitors plan which demonstrates how they will control and overcome COVID-19 risks. Key factors that an exhibitor must demonstrate in their plan are:

  • How product demonstration will be discreet i.e. to avoid an unintended crowd gathering to watch.
  • Physical distancing (by gap or barrier) between exhibitor and customer
  • Reducing or ideally eliminating physical touch points and shared equipment
  • Sanitising between individuals touching the same equipment

You must also refrain from playing music or broadcast that may encourage shouting or conversing loudly.


Please remember that you are responsible for rectifying any damage caused to the fabric of the Exhibition buildings, by you, your agents or contractors. In your own interests you should satisfy yourselves as to the condition of your stand site before the building of your stand and after its clearance. It is essential to use a recognised adhesive tape when fixing any carpet directly to the hall floor as all carpet tape must be removed at the end of the exhibition. The correct tape can be purchased from the Organising office onsite at the exhibition. Any charges incurred by the organisers as a result of failure to remove carpet/carpet tape will be passed onto the exhibitor. The stand space must be completely clear and clean by the end of the dismantling period. Any waste left behind is subject to a charge.

Face Coverings

Everyone must wear a face covering in all areas of the venue during build up, open period and breakdown. Flexibility applies when eating and appropriately distanced in catering outlet seating areas. 

You should provide your own face coverings. This can be a face mask or you may also use a scarf, bandana, religious garment or hand-made cloth covering. Face coverings are largely intended to protect others, not the wearer, against the spread of infection because they cover the nose and mouth, which are the main confirmed sources of transmission of virus that causes coronavirus infection (COVID-19). Face coverings must as a minimum cover your nose and mouth while securely fitting around the sides of your face.

Filming and Broadcasting

It is not permitted, without the prior approval of the Operations Team, to engage in or permit filming, sound or video recording, telecasting or broadcasting within the Venue. If approved, in certain cases, such activities may be subject to an additional charge as determined by the Operations Team. Please contact the Operations Team to discuss. 

Fire Appliances

Fire extinguishers of approved pattern and capacity can be found at various locations around the site according to the risk involved – instructions will also be supplied, please locate your nearest extinguisher.

Please ensure all personnel read these carefully.

  • Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the Fire and Emergency Procedures.
  • Please ensure that at least two stand personnel are familiar with the use of Fire Extinguishers.
  • Fire Exits and Extinguishers / Fire Hose points must never be blocked.
  • No paint or paint thinner can be placed near the electrical distribution boxes.
  • Empty cartons/boxes, catalogue boxes, stand materials and combustible waste must be disposed of and not stored behind stands.

First Aid  Services

The First Aid Centre is located by the Entrance to Hall 8 with medically trained staff, which will be on duty to provide medical assistance throughout the exhibition period, including the build-up and breakdown periods. Evacuation arrangements will be in place for any emergencies.

Floral and Plant Hire

A selection of flower arrangements and plants are available and may be ordered from Blooms, the Official floral supplier. See Form 20 - Floral and Plants for contact details and to place an order.

Grandstand Retail Units

Banking services, ATM, general post office, courier services, Abu Dhabi Airport Services, pharmacy, and general convenience store are located at the Grandstand are of the ADNEC building.

Labor Law Notice (UAE Government)

As per UAE law, it is the responsibility of the exhibitor/contractor to ensure that all personnel working onsite, during build-up / show days and breakdown carry their relevant documentation, as proof of position in your company.

UAE labor law prohibits the hire or contract of any illegal laborers. Violation of this law may result in a jail sentence or up to AED 10,000/- + fine. It is essential that all laborers employed either by exhibitors, contractors or sub-contractors are made aware of this law. ADNEC’s surveillance section will be always present to ensure that those working onsite and within the halls comply with the employment laws of the UAE.

  • All contractors must be able to produce their Emirates ID card together with a photocopy of their UAE visa showing their sponsor’s name. Only a valid Emirates ID card together with a copy of the visa will permit access into ADNEC.
  • Any other cards will NOT permit access (driving license, medical card, etc.)
  • International guests will be required to supply a copy of their temporary visa and passport
  • Please ensure that all relevant contractors are made aware of this fact to avoid delays and disappointment.


Any contractors who hire subcontractors must have an official agreement in writing between the two parties. An official “Subcontract Agreement” form (available in any UAE book shop) showing company stamp from both parties must be used in order to be accepted by ADNEC access control areas.

All laborers must provide a valid Emirates ID card and visa copy that endorses their employment with either the contractor and or sub-contractor to gain access to the halls.

Media Centre

Press facilities will be available for all attending media in the Media Centre located within the exhibition halls.

Meeting Rooms / Capital Suites

Meeting rooms  /  Capital  Suites  located  on  ADNEC  Mezzanine  level  are  subject  to  availability,  please  contact

PA System

The Public Address system is for use of the Organiser and Authorities only. Only official and emergency messages will be broadcast, any requests for information to be announced will be refused.

Patents & Copyright

By entering into an agreement to attend this exhibition you warrant to Reed Exhibitions that all designs and artwork on or relating to your stand and any exhibits and items displayed on your stand shall not infringe any trademarks or copyright or patents or other intellectual property rights of any third party in any way.

In the event that the exhibition is under any legal obligation (whether by virtue of a court injunction or order or judgement or a recommendation or decision of a Trading Standards Officer or otherwise) to have removed either any item or items displayed on your stand or any design or artwork on or relating to your stand then (without prejudice to any other rights which Reed Exhibitions may have) Reed Exhibitions reserves the right to assist the relevant authorities and where appropriate to have that item or items removed from your stand or to close your stand at the exhibition. No compensation or damages will be payable as a result of such removal or closure by Reed Exhibitions.

The Organisers cannot accept responsibility for any conflict of trading at the Exhibition

Please be advised that it is an offence under Section 107 (3) of the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1998 to screen films in public without a non-theatrical licence. For further advice on copyright please contact Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT).

Prayer Rooms

Male prayer room is located on the first floor above Hall 4 and female prayer room is located on the first floor above Hall 5

Prize Draws / Promotions / Live Entertainment

If an Exhibitor intends to hold a prize draw, promotion, or live music on their stand they should complete and return Form 23 - Entertainment Permit Form(ADNEC). Depending on the function taking place, permission may be required and with corresponding charges.

Promotional Materials

Exhibitors should reduce touchpoints by reducing any promotional material (e.g. product brochure, giveaways and business cards etc) that will have been handled by more than one person. Provide alternatives e.g. send product brochure electronically.


Shopping in Abu Dhabi is an enjoyable experience. Prices are competitive in many products from gold to carpets, textiles or designer labels. The key to shopping here is to bargain where possible since prices, especially in the souks, can drop quite substantially.

The attractive and often imaginatively designed, modern shopping malls in Abu Dhabi are one of the highlights of shopping and are generally spacious and fully air conditioned. Most international brands and high street shops can be found in the shopping malls.

Sightseeing Tours & Activities

There are many companies in Abu Dhabi offering an exciting variety of city and safari tours. An organised tour can be a great way to discover the UAE. Tours range from a half-day city tour to an overnight safari visiting the desert or mountains and camping in tents.

There are other numerous activities available to visitors of Abu Dhabi including water sports and golf packages. For more information, contact the Official Travel Agent.

Telecommunication Facilities / Data Services

ADNEC exclusively provides the following services at the exhibition: -

  • Direct national and international telecommunication lines including instruments
  • High speed data lines and data services
  • Wireless Internet Connection

Exhibitors requiring the above services should refer to Form 13 - IT & Telecommunications to place an order.

Temporary Staff

Vibes International, a professional recruitment agency has been appointed to provide a service for the hire of temporary staff, including receptionists, secretaries, and interpreters. Exhibitors requiring the above services should complete and return Form 21 - Temporary Personnel.


Travel Agent and Hotel Accommodation

Hotel accommodation, flight bookings, visa processing and transportation can be coordinated and arranged with our Official Travel Partner- Etihad Holidays:

For booking and inquiries, please contact: 



Flights, hotel & transportation booking:



Toll Free (from UAE): 800 2324

Toll Free (from KSA): 800 844 5743

Toll Free (from UK):  0345 600 8118

Tel no: +971 2 599 0700


Visa application submission:


Etihad Holidays (Visa section)


Tel no: +971 2 511 7777



If the exhibitor wish to apply their visa through the UAE embassy located in their country, they can download the invitation letter online and submit along with the application form. Please click HERE to download the Invitation letter.

Toilet Facilities

Ladies and Gents toilet facilities are available throughout the venue.  See the You Are Here Board on-site for the nearest facilities.

Visa Assistance / Information

1.     Visas on Arrival:

A.     Nationals of the following countries will be issued 30-days visit visa free of charge at the immigration upon arrival in the UAE.          

  • Andorra
  • Australia
  • Brunei
  • Canada
  • China   
  • Hong Kong
  • Ireland
  • Japan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Malaysia
  • Mauritius
  • Monaco
  • New Zealand
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • San Marino
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • Vatican City

B.     If your country of nationality appears on the list below, your passport will be stamped with a multiple entry 90- days visit visa that's valid for 6 months from the date of issue, and for a stay of 90 days in total

  • Argentina
  • Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Costa Rica
  • Honduras
  • Iceland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Montenegro
  • Norway
  • Seychelles
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland
  • Uruguay
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Citizens of the GCC nations of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia do not require a visa to travel to the UAE. All other nationalities not mentioned above require a Tourist Visa prior to arrival in the UAE.

2.     Visa Processing through Official Travel Partner (with hotel accommodation booking):

The official travel partner Etihad Holidays will be able to provide visa assistance in combination with hotel reservation only. Complete and return [Form 25A - Visa Application Form Etihad Holidays - "Will Be Available Soon"] for the visa application and [Form 22 - Hotel Accomodation - "Will Be Available Soon"] for Hotel Accommodation.

3.     Visa Processing through ADNEC (if hotel accommodation is not booked through the official travel partner):

Visas can be processed directly through Customer Services department of ADNEC by completing Form 25B - Visa Application Form - ADNEC, provided sufficient time is given for the application to be processed.

Visitor Admission

Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge to all professionals and trade visitors upon presenting a completed visitor registration form or a relevant business card.

Please note that no child-care facilities are located onsite.

Transportation Services

Shuttle bus will be operating between the appointed hotels & the Exhibition Centre two hours before the show opening time & from the Exhibition Centre back to the appointed hotels by end of the show. Visit the Organizers Office or Exhibitors Helpdesk onsite to inquire about the bus schedule.

Taxis are readily available from Abu Dhabi International Airport, all Hotels around the capital city and at the Exhibition Centre. Alternatively, they can be booked in advance by calling 600-535353.

Dubai taxis can be ordered via Dubai Transport on +971 4 208 0808.

Car rental is also an option for those holding international driving license. Please complete Form 23 for car hire services.