Shell Scheme & Upgraded Shell Scheme Stand Package Fitting

A contractor appointed by the Organisers will be responsible for building shell scheme stands and provide a full on-site management and technical service.

Exhibitors occupying these stands must ensure that all internal stand fitting and displays are contained within the wooden structure and do not exceed 2.4 meters in height.

No drilling or holes may be made to the walls. Brackets are available for exhibitor’s display panels and signs.

Exhibitors may affix lightweight photographs and technical information sheets etc. directly to the walls with good quality double-sided adhesive pads or similar, provided such material can be removed without damage to the wall panels.

Standard Shell Scheme & Upgraded Shell Scheme Stands will be available to exhibitors at 12:00 noon, Sunday 15th January 2023.

Following to ADNEC’s HSE policies, All Exhibitors and their contractors are required to wear a reflective vest to access exhibition halls during build-up & Break-down days.

Standard Shell Scheme Stand (9 sqm)

Upgraded Shell Scheme Stand (15sqm)

Hybrid Stand Package (15qm)

Platinum Stand Package (15sqm)

Additional Notes for all types Shell Scheme Stands :

  • Wall panels are not generally provided for island sites.
  • If wall panels are required, the allowance is 1 panel per 3 m2 at no additional cost.
  • Requests for further panels will be charged at the listed price on Form 6 - Furniture & Miscellaneous Items.

The position of the panels should be clearly marked on the grid plan.

Furniture Hire & Stand Fitting Extras

The Official Stand Contractor can offer a limited range of quality furniture and stand fitting extras for hire. To place an order and see illustration of furniture items available please see Form 6 - Furniture & Miscellaneous Items. Orders received after the deadline will be subject to a 20% surcharge.

Space Only Stands

Stand fitting Contractors may commence work from 08:00hrs Friday 13th January 2023.

Following to ADNEC’s HSE policies, All Exhibitors and their contractors are required to wear a reflective vest to access exhibition halls during build-up & Break-down days.

Exhibitors should complete and return Form 7A - Stand Design and Contractor Details Form details to the Organizers by 16th December 2022. It is in the Exhibitors interest to appoint a contractor with reputable credentials.

Exhibitors should ensure that their contractor pre-fabricates the stand prior to arrival on-site to avoid completion delays and performance bond penalties.

As per Abu Dhabi Legal Obligations, ADNEC EHS Management System requirements and considering health and safety of its employees, contractors, visitors and all other stakeholders; ADNEC is implementing following with immediate effect:

  • Activities like wood / metal / plastic cutting that creates dust is completely prohibited in ADNEC exhibition halls
  • Hot work activities like welding & grinding etc. are not permitted in ADNEC halls.
  • The hot work activities shall be carried out in designated areas with hot work permit
  • Dusting / sanding / grinding work to be carried out in the designated areas and outside the halls unless, the contractor uses a sanding machine where it extracts dust immediately
  • Essential and final touch-ups will be allowed with ADNEC permission only when machinery is equipped with built-in suction to extract dust immediately
  • All contractors are advised to bring prefabricated structure that can only be allowed to install in ADNEC premises to avoid dust accumulation in halls
  • Spray paints, oil-based paints and thinners are strictly prohibited in halls to avoid flammable vapors/ fumes accumulation in ADNEC halls
  • The designated hot work area must have Dust Suction Machine to avoid dust accumulation
  • Carpets must be installed under all stands to avoid floor/ marble damages especially in the Atrium, The Link & Concourse
  • The fuel tanks of display motor vehicles must contain only minimum fuel to move the vehicle out of the hall only. The fuel tank must be sealed with a locked cap
  • All batteries within vehicles must be removed, disconnected on all terminals, or permanently isolated and made safe before the public is admitted to the Halls and not reconnected until /after the final closure of the exhibition
  • All vehicles must be provided with a drip tray and shall be positioned within the boundaries of the stand. So that any protrusions, doors, tail lifts etc., do not infringe the stand perimeter
  • Filling or emptying of fuel tanks inside the hall is strictly prohibited at any time. 


Space Only Exhibitor Responsibilities

Exhibitors are responsible for their own stand design and construction. No standfitting or carpet will be provided by Reed Exhibitions on space exhibitors. It is your responsibility to examine the area and site allotted to you in order to avoid costly adjustments to stand structures. Where possible the organisers will provide on request detailed stand plots indicating the position of service ducts and pillars. Minor obstructions or height restrictions cannot always be indicated on the plans of the Exhibition. Standfitting regulations contained within this section must be observed by you when planning your stand design and layout. 

In order to achieve a smooth run up to the Exhibition, all exhibitors should provide us with details of their selected contractors. This will enable us to supply them with any additional information they may require.

If you have an appointed contractor, please email with their contact details.

We will be pleased to offer advice and guidance where required.

Stand Build Approval

As a space only stand you are required to submit certain documents in advance of build which are required no later than 9th December 2022.

Space Only Exhibitors must submit stand designs showing the following specifications and support documents:

  • Technical Workshop drawings with all elevations and relevant dimensions (height x breadth x width)
  • 3D presentation / perspective
  • Structural details and structural calculations in English if over 4 metre in height regardless of design (4 metre = venue floor to top  of structure)
  • Columns and beams, Solid walls, Special features, Electrical details
  • Rigging and hanging structures
  • Material specifications in English
  • Method statement in English
  • Risk assessment in English
  • Contractors all risk insurance with public Liability cover
  • Trade License (UAE contractors only)
  • Clear indication of live demonstration areas for products
  • All components of the stand (such as reception counters set back by 1m, furniture, product displays, models).
  • Maximum capacity stickers must be displayed in the submission with the furniture matching this capacity.

Designs must be received together with the Form 7A - Stand Design and Contractor Details Form no later than the deadline. Stand construction may not commence without the stand designs reviewed by the Organisers and Venue. A certificate ‘Permission to build’ will be issued once the design satisfies the design criteria, this does not however prove the stability of the design.

Exhibitors who are building Complex Structure stands (structures over 4 meters in height, double storey stands, raised platforms and certain suspended items),  must submit 7B - Complex Structure Submission Form along with all the mandatory requirements and 7C - Certificate of Integrity Form upon completion of the stand.

The Organisers reserve the right to reject any stand design that they deem to be:

  • structurally unsafe
  • considered to be too difficult to be completed in the build-up time
  • does not conform to the specifications listed in the manual
  • likely to unreasonably affect nearby exhibitor’s sites in any way

No major structural changes will be permitted to the stand once approval has been given.

Stand build progress will be monitored continually by onsite Health & Safety officers who reserve the right to halt stand build progress should any Health or Safety issues arise.

Stand Build Regulations

This section details stand build regulations which must be applied to your stand design.