Registration is now open for the 2021 World Future Energy Summit

Now is your chance to register to visit hundreds of exhibitors at the next edition of the world’s leading event for global sustainability across all key industries.

Even before the new year of the new decade arrived, business leaders, researchers, politicians and industry analysts were already citing the 2020s as a crucial period for the world’s transition to a more sustainable future. The opening year has proven this prediction correct, as a flurry of technological breakthroughs, new national and international green regulations, rapid-pace, industry-led innovations and sustainability-focused social movements throughout 2020 have accelerated the speed and ambitiousness of plans for impactive change in energy, water, waste management and more.


2020 has understandably been a year where the global spread and containment efforts of COVID-19 have dominated news headlines, company board meetings and government agendas. However, in the midst of battling a pandemic, a swathe of assumptions and ‘business as usual’ attitudes have been swept aside, prompting the endorsement of new technological investments and a general willingness to let innovation overcome many of our current logistical problems. From speeding up industrial automation, to boosting efficiency in renewable energy facilities with AI, we are in a period of unprecedented experimentation that is redefining our relationship with technology. With the pressures of climate change, water scarcity and innumerable other global crisis all steadily mounting, this willingness to discover and embrace technology-led solutions is needed now more than ever.

Against this backdrop of widespread, iterative change, the latest edition of the World Future Energy Summit being held 5-7 April 2021 in Abu Dhabi will seek to inform governmental, academic and business leaders about the solutions that may change the world for the better. While you can explore our site to navigate the next summit in greater detail, here is a brief roundup of some of the main changes and highlights of the 2021 edition.

Registration to visit the event is currently open.

2021 will introduce the new Climate and Environment Expo

The looming threat of climate change and its associated phenomena continue to prey on the world’s most vulnerable people and communities. The challenges and genuine risks to our shared global environment are well documented, as is the argument for sweeping changes to our key industries, consumer habits and our general way of life. Arriving in 2021, the Climate and Environmental Expo will introduce world-leading innovators and their solutions that are designed to make this kind of progressive change a reality, fast. Time is ticking and the need to act is pressing, which makes every step towards sustainable living, commerce and industry a vital one. Join us for the inaugural Climate and Environmental Expo, become informed about the scale of the challenge ahead of us, and discover how the battle for a sustainable future can be won.

Confirmed participants/exhibitors so far

The 2020 summit welcomed 840 exhibitors from across 125 countries to Abu Dhabi. Next year, we hope to add to this illustrious rollcall of the most influential and progressive companies, sponsors and business leaders in the world. We can reveal that many leading brands and companies have confirmed participation in the 2021 summit; their names represent a ‘who’s who’ of both regional and global innovation pioneers, leading sustainability practitioners and clean technology developers. They include:

  • Bee’ah
  • Huawei
  • AMEA Power
  • Soltec
  • NGK
  • Khalifa University
  • DNV.GL
  • Jinko Solar
  • And many more…

Addressing the reality of COVID-19 and beyond

Across all the summit’s forums (including the Climate and Environment Forum) the global challenges caused by COVID-19 in 2020 will be a prominent theme. In each case, the forums will address the nature and extent of the challenges before us, as well as presenting strategies and solutions for rapid recovery as well as laying the foundations for a better, more sustainable and resilient way of life going forward.

Safety first: New health and wellness measures

The wellbeing of our guests is our first priority and in that spirit we have developed a 5-point plan based on the guidance of relevant local and global authorities to ensure the safety of all attendees. You will be able to read more about the plan in our dedicated page, which outlines the comprehensive health and safety protocols that will be in place. These include the use of government-mandated PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) in all necessary situations, physical distancing measures, enhanced hygiene controls and policies, as well as proactive medical controls such as temperature check for all exhibition staff at regular intervals and all attendees on admission.

Join us in April 2021

The next edition of the World Future Energy Summit is poised to prompt another round of discovery of (and investment in) world-changing ideas and technologies, at a time when they are needed most. We cannot wait to see you in Abu Dhabi next April and explore the possibilities of a more sustainable world together. Click here to complete your registration.