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Maher Ezzeddine

Maher Ezzeddine

CEO of Ideanco, Chairman and President of Harvard Business School Aerospace Alumni Group

Maher Ezzeddine is the Chief Executive Director of Ideanco, an idea innovator company with over 23,000 people (organic and partnerships). Based in New York, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Beirut, Paris and Calgary, Ideanco was founded in 1999, as an idea innovator company that prides itself in being an early adopter of crowdsourcing, a major innovation key differentiator. Ideanco has a disruptive business model focusing on generating new ideas and providing strategy consultancy for SMEs and Entrepreneurs coming from both private and public sectors with special highlight on aerospace, renewable energy, defense, security, and education.

Maher is also the Chairman and President of Harvard Business School Aerospace Alumni Group (HBSAAG). HBSAAG is a global aerospace association based in Washington DC and operational in Paris, Abu Dhabi and Singapore catering its services towards aviation, defense, security and space exploration and the integration of Renewable Energy

Along with other prominent projects lead by Maher and his senior team, Maher has been instrumental in kick-starting the first credited courses of its kind in collaboration with prominent universities on a global level concentrating on designing shelters and colonies for the “Red Planet” Mars and the integration of renewable energy into such innovative design that may see the light of day on planet Mars. Maher is also an advisor to the Harvard Innovation lab at Harvard Business School advising entrepreneurs on ideas related to technology and how to take those ideas to the next level.





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