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Hadi Tahboub

Hadi Tahboub

President, Middle East Solar Industry Association

Strategic level Renewable Energy development executive with 17 yrs across diverse Middle East, Asia, and Africa solar energy market sectors.

Currently heading the Middle East & Africa office for SkyPower Global, a leading North American Solar Energy Utility scale development company, Hadi is responsible for developing the Middle East Solar energy projects strategy for SkyPower from zero to project launch, as well as to expanding SkyPower's business development foot print in the Middle East's evolving Renewable Energy market sector.  Hadi Tahboub is currently the President of the Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA), where in his current role, is supporting the region’s solar energy macro-development, garnering regional solar energy project stakeholders within the same benchmark cooperative arena.

Executive  corporate  management  skills  covering  16+  years  with  profit  &  loss  analysis, financial projections, strategic planning, technical operations management and international business development.

Hadi  has  a  B.Sc.  Degree  in  Mechanical   &  Industrial  Engineering   from  the  American University  of  Cairo,  Egypt,  and  an  MBA  degree  from  Chifley  Business  School,  Sidney, Australia. Hadi sits on the board of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers,  Middle East & Africa zone.





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