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Dr. Afshin Afshari

Dr. Afshin Afshari

Professor of Practice, Masdar Institute

Dr. Afshari has 25 years of experience in Buildings Energy Efficiency and Demand-Side Management (DSM). For the past 5 years, he has been a Professor of Practice at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. His current research interests include urban energy modeling, load forecasting, fault detection & diagnosis, decision support for DSM and renewable energies. He teaches graduate-level courses in Heat Transfer in Buildings, Sustainable Energy, Statistics and Time Series Forecasting. Prior to his current assignment, for a period spanning close to 4 years, he was head of Masdar City’s Energy Department. Before joining Masdar, he worked for International Energy Group (UAE, 2 years), University of Québec (Canada, 4 years), Silicon Energy (USA, 4 years), Raab Karcher Energy Services (Germany, 3 years) and Schlumberger Research (France, 5 years). He holds an Engineering Diploma in Energy Engineering from INSA (France), an MSc in Control & Signal Processing and a PhD in Physics from the University of Paris XI (France) as well as an MBA from INSEAD (France). He has three registered patents (two US and one European) and more than 50 conference/journal papers.





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