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Bjorn Otto Sverdrup

Bjorn Otto Sverdrup

Senior Vice President for Sustainability, Statoil

Bjørn Otto Sverdrup is Statoil’s Senior Vice President for Sustainability and member of the management committee in the Global Strategy and Business Development business area. Sverdrup has extensive leadership experience in Statoil. Since 2007 he has been a Vice President of Communication for several of Statoil’s business areas, including Exploration and Development Norway, Development and Production International and most recently for the company’s North American operations.

Following the terrorist attacks in Oslo and at Utøya in 2011, Sverdrup served as chief of staff for the government-appointed commission investigating the attacks.

Sverdrup also served at The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) as advisor and National expert to the EU Commission on corporate social responsibility.

As member of the management committee of Hydro’s oil and gas division he was part of the integration planning committee for the merger between Statoil and Hydro Oil and Energy in 2007.

Sverdrup is a political scientist and former research fellow from the University of Oslo.

Sverdrup is a father of three.





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