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Anthony Ighodaro

Anthony Ighodaro

Chairman, African Renewable Energy Alliance

Founding Chairman, of the Steering Committee of the African Renewable Energy Alliance (AREA), a pan-African voluntary association,  registered in South Africa, with a membership of over 2,000 from 98 countries.  AREA exists to accelerate the uptake of Renewable Energy in Africa.  It is an advocate and facilitator of Renewable Energy deployment in Africa, and a voice for all questions related to policies, technologies and financial mechanisms.

Ighodaro is also a member of the board of the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE),, Belgium.  ARE is an international business association representing the decentralised energy sector and working toward the integration of renewables into rural electrification markets in developing and emerging countries.

He is the founder and Managing Director of KXN Nigeria Ltd, a photovoltaics systems integrator and distributor, and an Ashden Award winner. Ighodaro is a speaker at international conferences such as Greening the Islands (Malta 2015), Solar Energy UK (Birmingham 2015), Solar & Off-Grid Renewables (Accra 2015), Greening the Islands (Pantelleria 2014), Intersolar (Munich 2014), AREA Egypt Conference (American University Cairo 2014), and Africa PVSEC (Durban, 2014).





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