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Eterbright Solar Corporation

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  • | Distribution/Trade/Business
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  • | Renewable Energy Project Developers
  • | Photovoltaic Cells and Modules
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  • | Distribution/Trade/Business
  • | Manufacturer
  • | Renewable Energy Project Developers
  • | Distribution

Eterbright Solar Corporation, based in Taiwan, has been devoted to self-development technology, and own patents for product design and key process improvement.

Through state-of-the-art process, the company produces Cadmium-free CIGS solar modules.

Certified by TUV Rl, Eterbright’s CdF-100 series (10W-120W) achieve the best commercial PV record in temperature coefficient (-0.23% / ° C). Based on this successful debut, Eterbright launches the world’s most powerful (320W-340W) CIGS thin-film solar modules, the Cigs-3000 series (late Q3/2016 also launched Cigs-2000 series 200W-225W), with lowest temperature coefficient (-0.28% / ° C). Its conversion efficiency reaches as high as 14.5%, breaking the long-existing business barriers of CIGS thin-film solar products and achieving a new record in mass production in the solar industry.

All Eterbright’s products are based on a new green design that replaces cadmium-sulfide (CdS) with a zinc-sulfide (ZnSx) buffer layer. As a result, Eterbright obtained TUV RoHS certification to ensure that Eterbright’s products are without toxic cadmium and without toxic lead. For five years, Eterbright has been practicing sustainable manufacturing (less consumption of raw materials, saving more energy and generating less pollution) and has become a green innovator in the clean energy industry. Learn more at

No. 442-1, Zhonghua Road Touden City, Miaoli Count
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