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Christopher Papile

Christopher Papile

Head of Global Renewable Solutions, Thyssenkrupp

As the head of our global renewable business, Christopher leads the growth of utility scale flow batteries, electrolytic hydrogen, renewable ammonia and renewable chemical products for thyssenkrupp.  He directs thyssenkrupp business development teams in over 12 countries, where we have service and engineering offices.  His leadership role involves product development, manufacturing decisions, international business development and strategic partnerships.  He is a member of the management team for all of thyssenkrupp’s electrochemical products, including our world-leading NaCl electrolysis plants to caustic soda, Cl2 and hydrogen. 

Christopher has led both large and start-up enterprises with focus on the nexus between high profit margin sales and breakthrough science.  Earlier in his career, including while at Arthur D. Little, he had roles (P&L responsibility and R&D leadership) in the management teams of two successful start-up companies.

Christopher received his Ph.D. and B.Sc. in chemical engineering and conducted nanomaterials and low temperature infrared research at Ludwig-Maximilians Universität, München.  He has various scientific publications and over 20 patents on high technology themes.

His involvement in renewable electricity stems from care for clean air for our children and the good use of our natural resources.





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