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  • World Future Energy Summit has sourced this news from Bloomberg. Saudi Arabian renewables developer Acwa Power International and China’s Chint Group Corp Ltd. were chosen to build as much as 170 megawatts of solar projects in Morocco. The program will consist of three photovoltaic projects, all with an electricity price of 4.22 euro cents (4.52 U.S. cents) a kilowatt-hour, according to an e-mailed statement from Morocco’s renewable energy agency known as Masen. The Noor Ouarzazate IV project will have a maximum capacity of 70 megawatts, Noor Laayoune will have 80 megawatts and Noor Boujdour will have 20 megawatts. Read more

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  • World Future Energy Summit has sourced this news from Utilities-ME. The second phase of the iconic Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum solar power park will be completed next year, First Solar recently reported. US-based solar modules manufacturer and developer First Solar announced that it will commission the 200 MW solar power capacity at the Dubai solar power park next year. The company is working under contract from Saudi Arabia-based ACWA Power which secured the right to develop the project through a competitive auction. First Solar will reportedly provide 2.36 million modules that will be installed over an area of 450 hectares. Read more

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  • World Future Energy Summit has sourced this news from Utilities-ME. UAE renewable company, Masdar, has signed a power purchasing agreement with the Jordanian government for a 200-megawatt (MW) solar power plant near capital Amman. The photovoltaic (PV) project will be the country's largest solar power plant, said Mohamed Al Ramahi, the chief executive of Masdar, after signing the deal with Abdul Fattah Daradkeh, the chief executive of National Electric Power Company, Jordan’s state electricity provider, in the presence of Dr Hani Al Mulqi, Prime Minister of Jordan. Read more

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  • India’s clean energy plans make it one of the world’s most exciting markets for developers. India is already one of the world’s leading users renewable energy, and it has plans to significantly increase its capacity over the coming six years. Today, the country has about 44GW of grid-connected renewable energy, comprising 26.9GW of wind, 6.8GW of solar and the rest coming from a mix of energy sources including small hydro-electric, biomass and waste-to-energy. It also has about 1.2GW of off-grid electricity, about half of which comes from biomass cogeneration.

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  • World Future Energy Summit has sourced this news from Delta Way Energy. Waste-to-energy uses trash as a fuel for generating power, just as other power plants use coal, oil, or natural gas. The burning fuel heats water into steam that drives a turbine to create electricity. The process can reduce a community’s landfill volume by up to 90 percent, and prevent one ton of carbon dioxide release for every ton of waste burned. Read more

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  • World Future Energy Summit has sourced this news from Earlier this week, the Paris Agreement on Climate Change finally met the requirements for entry into force, marking a historic global moment and demonstrating unprecedented cooperation between the world’s biggest carbon emitters — including China, the U.S., the EU, and India. This news has ensured that the Paris Agreement will enter into force well ahead of schedule, and it is because of leadership from countries like India that we have witnessed the biggest step forward yet in strengthening the global commitment to climate action. Read full story

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  • World Future Energy Summit has sourced this news from Johnson & Johnson, the world’s biggest maker of health-care products, agreed to buy 100 megawatts of capacity from a wind-power project in the Texas Panhandle. The company signed a 12-year power purchase agreement to buy half the output from a 200-megawatt wind project being developed by EON SE, Jed Richardson, Johnson & Johnson’s global energy director, said in an interview. Johnson & Johnson is one of a growing number of companies that have agreed to buy renewable energy in recent years, a trend that’s helping spur wider development of wind and solar farms. Google is the biggest corporate buyer of renewable-energy. Inc. said Thursday it will buy 90 percent of the power from a 253-megawatt wind project that in Texas. Read full story 

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  • World Future Energy Summit has sourced this news from Business Review ME. Dr. Chiaki Treynor, Vice President of Technology at GlassPoint, recently spoke at the SolarPACES conference in Abu Dhabi about how the oil and gas industries are making use of renewable energy. GlassPoint’s innovations include enclosed trough technology, which is being deployed at gigawatt scale on an oilfield in the Oman desert and a first-of-its-kind solar thermal solution that brings the solar collectors indoors to reduce costs and overcome operating challenges.

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  • UAE’s soft power expands its global position

    10-Oct-2016 by: Francis Matthew

    World Future Energy Summit has sourced this news from Gulf News The UAE’s growing soft power is a significant example of how the country and the Arab world is looking to support peaceful long-term alternatives to overcome the incessant violence in the region that has done such terrible damage to the hopes of millions of innocent individuals. A dramatic military intervention, like the UAE’s substantial commitment in Yemen, is necessary as an immediate measure to reinforce stability and rule of law, like the earlier commitment of its armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the UAE’s peaceful initiatives are equally important to how the country contributes to the global community in the long term.

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